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July 22, 2017

Maximizing SlideShare for Your Business!









SlideShare is known as the largest place to share online presentations. The online community is filled with over 50 million monthly visitors. In addition, it is among the top 250 sites visited in the world. The site’s other features include video hosting and virtual meetings software as well. Now you even have the option to bring premium channels feel to the site (such as a Youtube feel to the site). Here is a ‘how-to guide’ in using SlideShare: 


Get Started:

You have a couple of choices when it comes to the type of account you want to have:


1. The pro account gives you all the features without the ads on the channel.

2. The basic account gives you most of the features with ads. 

When you set up your profile, you will allow to individual followers and different organizations to interact with authors and best of all: share content.

Content Creating:

1. Hosting Event Videos: SlideShare Videos is the feature that lets you in on the event through the presentation. What’s more interesting is that it, lets you experience the inside footage of the event via video.

2. Virtual Meetings: Use Zipcast is a recent feature by SlideShare. It supports both audio and video. When you do a presentation, you can have live stream video. In addition, you can even invite your friends via other social networks as well. You have the option to make this completely open to the public.

3. Adding Youtube: After your presentation has been uploaded, you can add video from Youtube at any point within the presentation. When you are done uploading the presentation, go to the edit/delete option. This will give you a vast amount of options, including a Youtube tab option. Then you can select the video you want and place it in at any point of the presentation. Now when the viewer reaches the video portion of your presentation, it will automatically play. How cool, huh?!

4. The Power of SlidecastsThis feature allows you to add an audio file so the viewer can receive explanations to slides that are lacking from the slide itself. The software within the application allows you to time the explanations as well. We all know that using creativity within your presentation is necessary, thus leaving less room for explanations. This a great tool for this type of presentation.

5. Aggregate your Content- Size matters. Get your content viewed by millions of people and indexted on Google as well. Now the secret formula is to take uncurated content. What’s more is that sharing it on Sildeshare will give it the visibility it needs.

Content Seekers:

1.  ‘browse categories’ page – this page makes your content gathering easier, yet efficient. This will give you access to the most popular presentations within the online community.

2. Subscribing via RSS – Stay ahead by receiving the latest presentations as they go live. You can do this by subscribing to the categories that you enjoy most.

3. Tracking content via other social networking platforms- On Slideshare, you will be able to view which presentations are shared most by Twitter and Facebook users. This will help you select the most popular content for your category.

4. The Advance Search Option- Be aware that when you use the advance search engine option, the results are sorted right on your page when you select the criteria. This is different from Google because you would have to run the search again in order to receive different results.

5. The Groups- The best way to utilize groups is to gather a library of presentations that are relevant and are featured within a group page.


What are some creative ways you have injected in using SlideShare at this moment? 

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