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July 26, 2017

Micro-blogging with Plurk, Twitter and Twitxr

Have no clue about what micro-blogging is? Micro-blogging is where text messaging meets blogging. For example, Whole Foods uses Twitter as a tool to communicate with their vendors, employees and customers. CNN uses Twitter to receive fast feedback from their viewers, and then they utilize this feedback on their website or on the air. Since micro-blogging can be done through a phone or computer, it makes it convenient to interact with employees and customers. Three tools that are recommended for micro-blogging are Plurk, Twitter and Twitxr.

Plurk, is a instant messaging service that “showcase the events that make up your life, and follow the events of people that matter to you in small messages or links which can be broadcast over the web through instant messaging or text messaging on your phone.” (as stated on the Plurk website) This tool can be used as a effective collaboration tool for projects, for quick conversations between partners and businesses. In addition, it can also be used to communicate with your family and friends to share key moments of their lives.  Plurk combines, blogging, texting and instant messaging into one. Plurk also links video and images, and is a great tool for word-of-mouth campaigns.  However, if you are looking to stay connected or share your current activities, then Twitter is an effective social media platform.

Twitter, provides a way to better the relationship between the business and the consumer. This tool can be utilized as a free market research service on your competition and feedback from on your products and service. If you are looking to a convenient tool for communication for your organization to talk about recent happenings, this tool is for you.  For example, The Red Cross uses Twitter to exchange minute-to-minute information about local disasters, including directions and statistics. This is a news resource as well as an informative resource to fuel your interests. Now you have a event resource and a news resource, but how about a photo sharing resource?

Twitxr was created to enhance your communication through a photoblog service. From your mobile phone you can share pictures and ideas in one message that then adds location information to your photos and updates. This social media platform is used to send pictures and updates to your consumers on a daily basis. Twitxr works best with Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs and web pages. The public API enables developers to integrate Twitxr with their applications. However, business can benefit from Twitxr because it provides real-time updates for time-sensitive information.

There are several ways any of these tools can be used for your business.  Do you have any ideas?  Comment below.
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