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July 26, 2017

Mobile is Trending; Rules to Get in the Loop Now!











A lot of people are now using phones more than laptops and this is trending this year. People are always on the go and looking for the fastest solutions. This is why the mobile market is evolving rapidly. There are about 280 million tablet users, smartphone users, and other phones. It is becoming more inevitable to ignore the benefits of mobile. The top two benefits of mobile marketing on the top of my head include being more cost-effective than traditional advertising strategies and being capable of returning behavioral data. Do you want to make mobile a part of your marketing campaign? Then here are some tips to consider:

Don’t believe mobile will change your brand, nor make it different. Even though mobile is pretty new, what is new now, maybe old hours later. Remember, anything you do when it comes to internet marketing must provide value to the end user. For this reason, using QR codes to direct consumers to enriched-content websites will not make you look any better than the average joe. Now, look at mobile as another media channel, and what you will do with your brand is what will make you different.


Put more focus on the audience, less on the tool. Remember, to identify your shoppers first, and how you will reach out to them. Provide the shopper a solution that will give them an incentive to see you as a worthy brand. For example, you can develop a app for people who are too busy to wait in line to purchase their products. This will be very convenient for them, aside from offering them a solution to their problem.




Commit to the strategy. This is not a one-time deal mobile strategy. Mobile marketing is more of a trend and a tool at the same time. This strategy will require commitment on your end, and build the brand into a path-to-purchase strategy to find out where the brand fits. Make sure your plan is thought-out and comprehensive. Do not just focus on a single product, but all the products within the brand line.


Brand’s Role. Do you know if your brand even needs mobile marketing or an app? What is the role of mobile in your marketing campaign? Apps are necessary tools for manufacturers and retailers, however the average shopper will have little need for an app for every purchase or brand he/she buys.






Mobile is not a separate function, so don’t make it! Using mobile within your marketing campaign is something that gets attached at the end of the planning stage. However the shopping experience crosses many different people from ads to promotions. Mobile is a tool to grasp the attention of the people within these different organizations. Recall, the smartphone is always with the customer. It is the ONLY part of the marketing strategy that is with the customer the whole time.


Simplicity is key. Avoid the obstacles when using mobile or the customer is going to opt-out. Do not force the customer to download the app, upload their photo because it takes them away from the fast and easy experience. Make sure you streamline everything.


Forget Competitors as this is about collaboration. The partnerships between the manufacturers and the retailers are golden for developing strategies to bring incentives to mobile shoppers, therefore driving the sales. Remember, consumers look to the retailers for shopping solutions, however retailers don’t have the content to fill in that gap. This is why they must collaborate with the manufacturers so they are able to fill in the gap for their prospects and customers.


Flexibility. Once upon a time Blackberry set the standard for the smartphone. Then the iPhone came and knocked the Blackberry off the shelf. However, this month, the Android has become more popular. In this coming here we expect to see the newer version of the iPhone, iPad, and other Android devices as well. Do you see where this is going? A new technological device can be added overnight, so the better your company can add these tools to their mass marketing strategy, the more your company will be able to gain the brand exposure it deserves.


Promote, Share, Promote. Whenever you launch something new, promotion is required. This is overlooked many times. Mobile tools can always stand to benefit from traditional advertising methods. However, showing your application in a 30-second spot will help get the word out quickly yet efficiently.


Be careful of the noise. Even though mobile shoppers are available at most times, that does not mean one should try to contact them all the time. Let the consumer decide when and how to use your mobile marketing efforts. Think of the mobile device as being personal as a wallet is to a man. Would you really consider positioning your brand of cluttering your consumers? Think again!


This provides you a foundation of how you should build your mobile marketing campaign. Remember, mobile is meant for large or small companies. Newer companies are more likely to jump into mobile, however, this should not stop established businesses from using mobile.


Do you have any other tips to share with the audience? Please share below. 

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