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July 22, 2017

Mobile Marketing: The Powerful Tool of Social Media Part 1














Mobile marketing is when businesses interact with their customers through their mobile devices, which include any smart phone. Here are the ways by which this communication can happen:

Mobile Advertising: This is advertising that is present within mobile websites as banner ads or even pay-per click ads. They are also found in the search engines as sponsored ads. They can also be downloaded as applications from their app store on the mobile phone.

Phone Calls: With all the new technologies available for marketing today, placing phone call to cell phone is still  the best way to carry out mobile marketing. There is a click-to-call feature, which allows the the phone number to be clickable in any text message or mobile website. This turns the device from a single message or web browser into a click.

Mobile Websites: With cell phones, you can get online using your laptop or desktop. However, with the smaller screens, limited keyboard, and reduced computing power, people use the web differently as compared to using their laptop. In order to match the needs of the consumer it is important to make your website mobile friendly. I love WordPress, because they have a great plug-in to make your website mobile friendly.

Text Messaging (SMS): There are several ways to use SMS to entice your customers. My favorite way is through mobile coupons. Just read my article: Best ways to use SMS and Best Ways to use SMS Part 2.

Mobile Email: Businesses need to prepare to allow people to read email from their phone’s tiny screens. Reading emails through the mobile phones is becoming popular today.

Applications: These are programs that can be downloaded on the phone for entertainment purposes or some useful functions. People can build their own apps or even advertise on other people’s apps.

Mobile Search: Yahoo, Bing, and Google have their own mobile friendly versions of the search from their phones. These search engines have mobile-friendly websites and advertisement or sponsorship as well.

Now I want you think of the time when the internet first came to be. Were you thinking of getting a website? Probably not because there were not so many website visitors then, but did you see how quickly that changed? Businesses took it a step further and found out what their customers wanted online and gave it to them. Right now we are still in the early stages of mobile, similar to when the internet came out. You can chose to be an early adopter and use it to your advantage or play catch up later on. However, you are probably wondering how I correlate mobile to social media?

I want to remind you that people who are usually active on social media platforms are accessing them through their phone. For example, in a nine-month period Facebook saw their users jump from 20 million to 60 million accessing Facebook through their mobile phones. Now say you put a link to your Facebook and Twitter on your website, and your consumer accesses it through their mobile phone, this turns into mobile marketing. If that link takes too long to load or does not work well, then that means you are doing mobile marketing poorly. If you don’t already know here are phone specific app links for your favorite networks:  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Delicious. Now say that someone is on Twitter and they see an opportunity to subscribe to your SMS then they can do it easily because they are already on their text messaging device. How cool is that? This is just the beginning. Read on to find out the ways to begin mobile marketing.

Building a Mobile Friendly Website:

As I mentioned before, if you have a WordPress site then you can activate a simple plug-in such as this one: Mobile Plug-In for WordPress . If you have another platform you built your site on or you want to create a more robust mobile site that includes more than just your blog posts then you might want to use MoFuse. This is a free service that gives you the basic two-page mobile website. You might want to include content such as: hours, location, and other content your consumers would want to view through mobile. In addition, you can use RSS feed to pull content from your blog or you build a static page that includes whatever content you want to choose. Don’t forget to add a click-to-call link that gives people the opportunity to call you right from your website through a single click.

If you want to build a site from scratch or you don’t want to use your blog as the primary purpose of your site then you might want to consider hiring a web designer or use a mobile-site building platform. Building a mobile site requires knowledge; I suggest you use Mobile Design and Development by Brian Fling. In addition, you can even look into getting MoFuse Premium in order to build it from scratch as well.

Now if you want to use a mobile site and text messaging as well, then you might want to use: Everywhereigo . This platform allows you to build your mobile site and manage your text message campaigns as well.  Check these options and see which one works best for you. Now let’s talk about what to put on your mobile site.

What to Add to Your Mobile Site:

First, put yourself in the mind-set of your customers who are using their phone for web browsing. This means they are using a small screen to browse. You want to give them as much as possible and as quickly as you can. What would people want from you so urgently that they would need to look you up on their phone? This is exactly what you want to add to your mobile site. It is most beneficial to add location, hours and contact information on the main page. Now putting these items on two spots on your mobile site will help the search engines find your site when people do location-based searches. I would suggest to have a page that includes: menu for your restaurant, list of services, or even a catalog of products. In addition, include a form so they can opt-in for your SMS campaign.

Tune in for Part 2 of Mobile Marketing to find out how to launch a text message campaign and how to use your mobile marketing within different social networks. 

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