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July 26, 2017

Mobile Marketing: The Powerful Tool of Social Media Part 2




Have you ever launched a text message campaign? Maybe you have, but didn’t see any results yet? Let’s talk about how we can launch a text message campaign and incorporate social media tools to get the most out of your campaign.

Did you know that more people use text messaging than any other functions on their phone (besides calling of course)? In fact, according to Tomi Ahonen Consulting, more people use text messaging than email. Still wondering why people are not reading your newsletters as much anymore? Tune into this shift. This is a great way to engage your customers. You have to admit, with so many tools it is getting harder and harder to stand out in social media. People tend to follow many accounts on Twitter, or be a fan of many Facebook members. However, getting direct with your consumers through a personal device (cell phone) is an opportunity to create a deeper relationship with your consumers. The advent of the SMS campaign allows you to trim the fat of trying to get the attention of your consumers via email and get direct communication going through text.

Remember, you don’t need to start sending text messages to numbers you already have. This is your chance to have a campaign where people can opt-in, just like they can with your email list. You can use a widget to create a sign-up subscription box or by texting in. For example, texting in: “Text THISWORD to 44356”. When they text this, the consumer is letting you know they agree to get updated with your text message campaign. Remember to provide a way to get permission for sent messages and a way to stop message as well. For information on the best practices using mobile marketing check this out: Mobile Marketing Best Practices.

Deciding on what to send out as a text message: 

In order to attract people to opt-in to your campaign, give them an irresistible offer. Remember, they are giving you their cell phone number; they want something of value to them. This can be some kind of offer or information that they cannot receive any other way. This can be something they may want to know so urgently that email be may be too slow of a medium to use. Another idea is direct communication from a celebrity or an industry related famous person that would be exclusive to a certain list. Here is an example text message: Café Athena FREE Wednesday dessert. CHECK OUT WITH COUPON CODE XYZ. Expire at midnight of 5/9/2011 PST. Text STOP to quit.

My Pick of Service for Text Message campaign:

My favorite service for text message campaign is ComF5 because they manage your database and send out video email messages as well. Video is going to be another huge phenomenon for 2011. Tune in! ComF5 lets you pay a monthly fee to use their services. There are too many vendors out there that offer too many different variables, more than what they actually offer. But ComF5 lets you handle all your email, video, mobile, and social media needs in one place. What else do you need? Nothing else!

Let’s Talk Social Networks:

A lot of my clients ask me if using the text-messaging provided by Facebook and Twitter is sufficient enough. I would say no because it in the long-term it will not work out. Let me go through Facebook and Twitter to show how this works.


Twitter has a SMS component built into the platform that can be used a mobile marketing tool. This is how it works: you encourage people to follow you through their mobile phones. Instead of having to use the web interface, than can simply text to Twitter’s short-code “FOLLOW USERNAME” and this will send every tweet from that user to their phone. Remember, your list will stay on this platform, so if something goes wrong with Twitter, and then you may not have a list anymore. Would you ever do this to your email list? Probably not, you would never want a company to have access to your database and have to rely on the company to make sure they keep a track of it. This is why you use Twitter to have people opt-in to your campaign, but never as the only source of SMS and text messaging.



Facebook as the “Subscribe via SMS” on all fan pages. Now this would be a great idea if you offer compelling content to make people feel like they have to constantly tune into your updates. If so, then you can offer them social and mobile at the same time. Make sure you give people a good reason to view your updates through their phones and let them know that you have yourself a great social and mobile marketing campaign J. There is nothing wrong with using Facebook as part of your mobile strategy, just don’t make it the only strategy. If you do make it the only source and strategy then remember you will not be able to have your own list. Here are some tips you want to keep in mind when integrating social with mobile:

          Text messaging companies like ( offer widgets that you can place on your Facebook to receive opt-ins.

          You can attach your compelling offer into an automatic Twitter posting service such as: Hootsuite so you can get regular opt-ins to your list.

          When you execute the SMS campaign, ask your consumers if they can give you their email too so you can add them to your e-mail list as well. Mobile does not replace any other medium of marketing, it just enhances it.

          When you are at your next networking event, you can invite the person to connect with you on LinkedIn on the spot. Just go to and connect to your account. This is real-time, instead of forgetting about it when you go back to the office the next day.

          You can use a text messaging business card as well that includes your social media as well as your contact info. To view mine, text SME to 50500. You can go to to get your own as well.

          Add your Twitter SMS opt-in into your twitter bio as this will give people a way to directly connect with you.

Did I miss anything, readers? 

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