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July 26, 2017

Press Release Optimization and What You Need to Know










Keyword Planning:

What are the main keywords and the phrases you want to release?

-You can use the SEOBook Keyword tool to help you find reasonable keywords. Remember that  you want to search for keywords that are the least competitive, but are getting a lot of searches.

-Choose the brand names that will be supported, so in this case you might want to choose: phrases that are descriptive and that people search for.

-Want to see what your competition is like? Check Google News and Yahoo News and you can find out for yourself.

-Want to compare keyword candidates? Then use Google Trends to see how often the keywords are being searched in Google over time. In addition, you will be able to see how often they have appeared in the Google News Stories. 


Content Optimization


In my past articles, I have emphasized that we include the main keyword phrase in the headline. This is what is going to get indexed in Google.

Don’t overload your headline with unnecessary verbiage. Instead, make sure they are just the keywords.

Make sure you put the most important keywords in first.


Subheading/summary (when present)

Include descriptions of the keywords and the keyword phrases.



This will be your first paragraph and you would want to include the keywords within your first sentence.


 Body of your work

Remember to include variations of the main keyword phrase. Try to approximate about once for every 100 words. Remember, you do not want to harm the readability. Rather, try to blend in your keywords. 

In the body of your press release, you might want to include 250-500 words to make it ideal.

Try not to sound like a “marketer” in your press release. Rather, be straightforward.

When writing a press release, try to use complete terms, instead of shortened terms or abbreviations.

Try to include key phrases that have quotes around the keyword phrase. As a result, this content maybe highlighted in some services through media coverage.

Make sure you optimize all content containing images and multimedia



Don’t forget to link to other pages (not just your home page)

Using keywords in the anchor text (3-4 links per release maximum)


 Adding the Press Release to Your Site

-Page title tag must be optimized along with the META, and URL.


Did I miss any other suggestions on optimizing a press release? Please comment below. 

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