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June 22, 2017

Search Engine Optimization Part 2 of 3: How to Make Your Web Traffic Go on Fire!




We are ready to continue oursearch engine optimization do it yourself guide. How was Part 1? Are you ready to absorb more strategies and take your business to the next marketinglevel? Take a look at the strategies below:

Looking at the Architecture of Your Site

Remember to have a global navigation menu, which means the navigation is present on all web pages. In addition, as far as keyword placement goes look at your keywords and see where they would fit in best with the content of your site. I would suggest using 3-4 keywords per web page. Which keywords do you want toincrease your seo rankings with? The order of the keywords should be based on the importance of ranking them. To keep things organized I would lay out the keyword placements in an excel sheet. The columns would be labeled: Topic, Folder, Filename (i.e. index.php), Page Titles (filled with keywords), and H1 tags.

The best way to remember the site structure is to have it in the pyramid structure. Make sure you include the most important categories on the homepage and the categories are also linked to the other pages of your site. Also make sure that every link on your site is linked to another page on the site. The navigation needs to remain the same throughout the whole site. When it comes to best practices make sure you use rich anchor text within your navigation.


Performing Link-Building Tactics

I would like to think that links are like votes to your website. The more votes you have the more the search engines will like you. This is why it is important to have relevant and fresh content on your website so the search engines start linking to you. When you do get links, make sure they don’t all go to your home-page. We want the link juice to be spread throughout your site. For example, it is like having gold and just leaving it at the front door instead of putting some in every room of the house. There is no value to the other rooms in the house if the gold just stays at the front door. Does this make sense?

I like to use Yahoo! Site explorer to spy on my competitors and see the type of back links they have on their site. I would also recommend mixing in the anchor text with your links so you can rank for each specific keyword.  In addition, try to rank to major publications or sites that have high page ranks because it will help boost your traffic and quality links.

Strategies for Link building:

–       Submit your website to major directories

–       Submit your website to DMOZYahoo! Directories and

–       Great way to build quality links is to exchange links with government, college and media related websites.

–       Submit to local sites like the local chamber of commerce

–       Create fresh content

–       Social bookmark all your blog posts

–       Submit articles to article marketing sites like Ezine and Goarticles

–       Comment on forums and blogs that have high PR and do follow links

–       Take a look at this article for more strategies: Link building Strategies


Start Establishing a Brand

What exactly are the benefits of brand building? When businesses build well-known brands they are able to get the most targeted, converting audience to their website. Brands are the most targeted keywords in the search engines. For example, if I wanted chocolate chip cookies, I would look up Mrs. Fields because she is a well-known brand. This search query is unbeatable which is why it is important to build your brand foundation. Imagine getting tons of traffic just for your brand name? The search engines LOVE this. The takeaway: build your brand, provide the most information on your website to increase your engagement for the brand and watch your conversion rates sky rocket!

 Did I miss any strategies? Comment below! 

See you at Part 3 :) 



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