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June 22, 2017

Secret to Super Success


Today, I want to reach out to those who want their marketing campaign to succeed.

Many Social Media Gurus claim that they know how to use the social media and yet they don’t inject human engagement in their contents are not using social media correctly and effectively.

Campaigns that care about their customers and understand the value of building relationships every day are expected to do well with the social media. Campaigns that treat their customers as profitable cash cows will only continue to look at marketing and social media as push channels. This results in a character flaw and what I call, "strategic miscalculation." Allow me to feature someone who is using social media the right way!

Think Opposite:

Lady Gaga has been topping the billboards chart for her music, but is it really her lyrics that are grabbing the attention of the audience? How is Lady Gaga different from other music artist? Lady Gaga has the creative ability and imagination to come up with the most artistic fashion and videos that grab the attention of people. She is doing something that is completely different from other music artist by making the most out of her creative abilities. With over 19 MILLION Facebook fans and over a BILLION YouTube videos, you want to know what Gaga’s secret is to being so popular and succesful. She is outrageous and presents herself differently from the crowd, making her stand out from everyone else. Her dresses and music videos catch people’s attention because these are extremely unique and EXTRAORDINARY. This is a marketing tactic that has been found to be very successful. When you use the same tactics that everyone else is using, chances are you will fail because people generally do not like to see the same things over and over again. However, if you go against crowd then you will definitely stand out and everyone will want to know what you are up to. The choice is all yours. Are you going to copy your competitors or do the opposite? Think success!

You are who you hang out with:

Another effective tactic Lady Gaga uses is she surrounds herself with other super successful people. In this way, she is able to boost her credibility as she is seen to be around the best. Ever heard of the saying, “You become who you hang out with.” This tells a lot about increasing your credibility if you surround yourself with only the best in your industry. Now I would encourage you to expand your network to include people who are well known in your community. This will provide you the key to get endorsements and validations subconsciously in the mind of a new customer.

Promote! Promote! Promote:

Next, realize that she is ALWAYS promoting herself as she is always visible on TV, Radio, and ads. This sends the message of taking your business outside of the internet by employing mass marketing. This will allow others to gain awareness of your services instantly instead of sticking to a single resource to gain results. If you are not everywhere, you will not expand your reach. So start making your presence felt because this is paramount to making your business successful as it will help your target market learn about it.  

Get out there! Be different and see a significant difference in the traffic of your business!

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