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July 26, 2017

SEO: How to become the Authority









Do you want real exposure for your site, but you feel as though you are not able to reach your goals yet? SEO can help you reach the conversion rates       (Number of Desire Results/ Number of visits) you want for your website through: article marketing, getting social and showing authority of SEO.

Article Marketing

If your goal is to gain more exposure for your business then submitting your articles to various article sites is your solution. When you submit articles, you are building credibility for your business. However, when you submit articles, make sure you don’t just submit to one directory. Now, if you submit your articles to only one directory and it shuts down, then you have created a problem for yourself. Here are other directories you can submit your articles to:

Hub Pages:

When you submit articles to Hubpages they will be placed in “Hubs”. The more popular your articles are, the higher your rank will be. Remember, Hubpages ranks well in Google, so this will increase your web traffic as well.



Squidoo allows you to post as many articles as you want on any subject of your expertise. These web pages are known as “lenses” on different topics. In addition, you can interact with your readers as well and connect with them on the other social networks. When you use social media you will see your articles spreading through viral marketing through the community you have built-up. The only “don’t” on Squidoo is spamming, they take this matter highly seriously. When you check the Terms of Service, you can see what they will allow and prohibit in their directories. One of my favorite things on Squidoo are the features such as the: guestbook, polls, affiliate links, and questionnaires. As a strategist, I find it totally awesome that they have the option of adding the Facebook “Like” and Twitter share buttons. This makes it very easy for the reader to share the information within their community.


 Google Knol:

Another article submission site is Google Knol and it this is a great way to build links to your website because you can write as many articles as you can on your topic and even post them freely.  In order to reach the homepage of Knol, your article has to be the most popular.


When you use all these three directories , you will see an increased traffic to your website  immediately.  These tools are free so don’t miss your chance to use them in your marketing strategy for your business. I see more often than not that businesses utilizing these tools to the fullest are the ones that see the best results. This goes to tell you not to just limit yourself to submitting a few articles here and there because it will not really make a huge impact. When you connect with other bloggers and websites, you are giving yourself the opportunity to receive more links for your site.


Things you need to know about getting links:

Socialize: Millions of people are using the Internet daily, so when you fail to connect with at least a few of them on a daily basis, you are restricting the impact of your marketing strategy. If your priority is to get more traffic to your website and convert that traffic into happy customers, then you have to take the step to socialize. You can increase your visibility through blogs and other social networks. All you have to do is add this task to your daily agenda and watch your business grow.



When you socialize you have to set a target number of people you are trying to connect with. Once this number is set, then you can maintain your relationships by following up with them and being more personable. There are different types of people on each of these social networks, so it is best that you find out who they are before you try to sell to them. For example, Facebook consists of friends, family and business networker types of people. If you are neutral in approaching them, some will turn you down and others will want to do business with you. Be proactive and persistent with your connections to take them to the next level.


What does the other person do?

When you take the time to get to know someone first, he or she will become more interested in what you do. If you are trying to make friends through pure selfishness, you will fail  in using these networks and getting what you want from them. When you put in more time in your friendship and  the other person, you relationship is likely to be more successful. Remember, you have to give to gain!


Trading Links:
In order to build a foundation, you need to have a couple of sites or blogs. If you do not have these yet, it will be difficult to find people to trade links with. When people see you are a credible source for your industry, they will want to exchange links with you. As you build your community and build relationships with your contacts, approach them with your link. Why would you do this? Reciprocal links do not carry as much weight as one way links when it comes to search engines.


For example, SEO is similar to sports in which you must perform well in order to dominate. You have your competitors and in order to make yourself known, you have to build yourself up as the source, so they do not stand a chance. If you have a reputation built up in sports you automatically have a fan base and admiration. When you do not have a reputation, it is difficult to get any kind of recognition.

For this reason, SEO begins with building a reputation up through a brand that strikes attention (you will gain attention through the content you provide).


Things that can turn you into a master of SEO:

Guest Blogging: This is a great way to build links to your site while establishing a reputation as well. Remember, you want to guest blogs for websites that are using high-PR and are getting a lot of traffic, this will help you become the master of SEO.  You can check the visitors the site is getting through In addition, make sure the websites you chose are emphasizing the use of SEO, internet marketing, social media, and blogging. When you guest blog regularly, you will be seen as a leader and you can come up with a recognizable name for yourself.

.Anchor Text Linking:

Use the inbound links to your website properly, and make sure they are not broken. Free broken-link checkers are a dime a dozen on the web. When you submit your articles to can get you proper inbound links. In addition, when you start guest blogging for websites this will secure the traffic you are getting to your website.


Do not fill your tagline with pointless words or phrases. Make sure that your tag line includes your profession, and something about your expertise. Give your audience the reason you are blogging. Remember, the tagline is what is going to allow the reader to check out your site, so take it seriously.

When you have mastered these SEO techniques you will have authority over other website users. Now your visitors will link to your site, see you a recognizable person. In addition, you will be able to get more anchored links, which will enhance your link building. As Google sees this process on your site, your sources will be found through the organic search results.  Check your conversion rate after that, has it changed? You bet! 

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