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July 22, 2017

SEO Linkbuilding: Quality Traffic to Your Website and Sale Conversions

How optimized is your content? Are you using blog posts, infographics, linkbait, and videos to bring value to your audience?

Your linkbait should correlate to the target audience you are trying to reach. Give your target audience something beneficial as to gain their support. This will help you build your credibility and make sales both at the same time.

Now, ;et’s talk authenticity. If your newsfeed contains the latest current trend, you will be teaching something to your audience that they don’t know yet. In addition, try to be the expert in your field. For instance, if you are targeting dads, you would apparently keep your content family- oriented. Thus, it would be best to choose messaging that relates to their daily lives and then include pictures that would add value.

If your linkbait contains relevant keywords, it will be valuable to Google and organically you can increase your ratings within the search engine. In order to make your content SEO- friendly, you will have to do keyword research. Try to use keywords that are least competitive but the most searched.

It is also essentially important to make sure that quality links are pointing to your content. If other sources find value in your content then they will be sent virally through: Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit and other social networks. When you promote your content through social networks, you increase the value to search engines and your conversions altogether.

Every time you provide your audience with linkbait, include a call to action, otherwise your audience will not do anything. Make sure you are letting your readers know  that they should share, like, tweet and comment on your content. Naturally, you would always want to receive feedback from your audience, so ask them if the content was valuable to them.

Social Media

How can social media help you build your brand? You have to promote the linkbait in order to enhance the linkbuilding. When you ask questions and answer them, comment on other blogs and the initiate dictions to increase reputation management.  All of these tactics will help you construct a durable linkbuilding campaign.

When you become the authority in your niche, you will automatically increase your brand’s credibility. When you optimize your social media accounts, you will optimize your results in the search engines.

Golden Traffic

Do you know that when you receive organic traffic, it will benefit your linkbait in many ways? Indeed, these links will have valuable credibility with Google and help you reach your ROI goals at the same time.

Here are the best ways to increase organic traffic:

Social Aggregaters

Utilize social aggregaters such as Reddit and Digg to gain natural links. The more optimized the aggregaters are, the more you will receive organic traffic in your site. If you need a resource for social news aggregators, here is a great article you can refer to: Top Social News Aggregators .

Content is King

Keyword research is an integral part of getting quality organic traffic.  The search terms you find will help you increase your search rankings. For example, if you sell brand name stereos, your linkbait includes the future of stereos. What are people typing in the search engine when they are looking for stereos? Remember to include: brand terms, head terms, long-tail terms, and exact match terms.

Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are free tools that you can utilize to your advantage. This will build up your customer’s loyalty and your reputation within the community. In turn, you increase your conversion rate. If you want to know what your customers think of your service and products and how you can improve them, then this is the best way to do to find answers. There is no other way to promote the linkbait than getting the best feedback from your target audience and receiving more links in your website.

Linkbuilding Strategy:

– Listen and collect: Research and collect data. Afterwards, analyze it to see how you can use the data to build links.

-Keyword Research: Which keywords is your audience typing in the search engine?. How are you planning to reach your target audience? When you pick the right keywords that are the least competitive but most searched, you are opening the gate to gain organic traffic.

-Competition: When you analyze your competitors, you are able to find new prospects for yourself. This is my motto: find out what your competitors are doing, but do it better, faster and more efficiently!

-Target Audience: If you do not know who your target audience is, then it will be difficult to market your product/service. Just know that your target market online maybe different from the target market offline. For example, my favorite client: Apollonia has a target audience of seniors who come to their restaurant offline. However, online I am trying to attract people who are 18-35 and are tech savvy. My content is related to their wants and needs.

-Branded and Conventional methods work together: If you consider mass marketing for your product/service you will be able to get the word out faster and more efficiently. What is your brand offering to the target audience? Is your brand clearly understood in the market? How can you explain these matters better.

-Trending and Current: If your campaign does not cater to the current needs and wants of your target audience than you might want to rethink it. What are the trending topics your target audience is talking about?


Please submit your favorite linkbuilding techniques and tricks below.


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