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July 26, 2017

SEO Tips – Why Hire an Ethical SEO Consultant






The internet is immortal and there are literally thousands of websites that are being developed each day. They need to be ranked in search engines in order to be searchable by users. People don’t remember direct links these days, they use keywords or key phrases to find information they are looking for. This is where your website ranks for a particular search term if you hire an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultant. But why is there the need of an ethical SEO consultant?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps site owners get traffic and rank their website in top search results. Sites that have been optimized with keywords appear in search results when users query the search engines. A SEO career is a very challenging task considering the fact that there are so many factors and the need to study how a search engine works in order to accomplish these tasks, is hectic yet important.  This is where the SEO consultant comes in and saves the day!

SEO consultants advise on ways in improving your website for search engines to index it, designing of your website, keyword and content optimization and various methods and strategies to make your site optimized for web crawlers.


Unethical Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization is not an immediate result process. Some SEOs cheat search engines by using black hat SEO techniques. The algorithms of search engines are very clever and pick up such activity on a website, the result is usually a penalty in rankings or even sandboxing the website. (Google created the Sandbox filter for new sites to stop spam sites that purchase numerous inbound links, and rank highly for their keywords from the date of launch. As Google apparently considers a high number of links pointing to a site from the beginning to be rather suspicious, the inbound links are not considered to be natural. While all types of new sites can be placed in the Google Sandbox, the problem appears much more frequently for new websites seeking rankings for highly competitive keywords and keyword phrases. All sites are likely to be given a term in the Sandbox, but those websites seeking rankings for keywords that are in high demand are probably in for a much longer duration in the sandbox).

Unethical SEO consultants indulge in keyword stuffing, a method in which the user places several keywords on the web page for the search engine to pick up and rank well in the search results. This activity triggers spam filters of search engines, followed by a penalty.

Another unethical activity that is a common practice these days is called duplicate content posting. Instead of providing search engines with unique content, the same content is published on many places over the internet. Similar black hat techniques result in terrible consequences and the SEO consultant suffers from it the most, not only does he collapse your website and business (your website is banned from being listed on search engines and in extreme cases penalized by law) but also loses all his clients.

So, hire an ethical SEO consultant (who will do proper search engine optimization research and activities) and keep your website in safe hands!


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