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June 22, 2017

SHOOT FOR THE STARS: Twitter Success Tips

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Twitter, along with other social networks, is becoming a favorable tool for promotion.  Is it helping you maximize your online community?  Try these tips to discover how to promote your business via Twitter.

1. Are your customers using Twitter? Use to gain a better understanding of where they stand.

2. Try to reach many different audiences Use a variety of Twitter accounts, each with tailored content and a slightly different style.

3. Shut-up and listen It’s important to spend more time using the social search tool on Twitter than promoting yourself on it. See what others are saying about you and your competitors before you tweet away.

4. Measure clicks and stats Go to

5. Manage Twitter results better Make it easier by using professional Twitter clients such as Tweetdeck, Seesmic, Twaitter, Objective Twitter, and Sendible.

6. Check your permissions Did you know that every time you use the OAUTH, you give apps permission to use your account?  This is risky, so check your permissions monthly.

7. Become the go-to-person Make sure you are the source for the newest updates in your industry – this is how you gain the attention of others and influence them on the latest and the greatest. 8. Invite customers to Twitter Make sure you provide them incentives to join in every newsletter, such as special offers and promotions.

9. Enhance the Twitter experience Add photos, music, and videos to your tweets to make them more interesting.

10. Sharing is caring Remember to re-tweet the content you find interesting. Blogs are most recommended.

11. Again, sharing is caring Include affiliate links in (parentheses).

12. Hide your twitterfeed Just include a simple button or link on your website where your followers can follow you.  This will make it feel more exclusive.

13. Participate in Twitter directories Sites such as WeFollow and Twellow are like the Yellow Pages, but organized by interest and industry.

14. Tweet others how you want to be tweeted Unless they’re spammers, remember to follow in return anyone who follows you.

15. The 1:7 Rule For every self-promotional tweet, promote other people seven times.

16. Link updates to different communities That way the updates can appear in their mentions. (Not too many links though, you don’t want to be a spammer yourself).

17. Answer questions This is a great way to start a buzz and build up a potential lead for your product or service.

18. Ask questions, too This will open the door for commentary and shared opinions.

19. Ask answerable questions When posting on your blog, ask questions that will lead to the answers within the post. This will open the door for commentary, allowing readers to share opinions and even answer each other’s questions.

20. Engage your community with @replies This will show that you are friendly and available for questions.

21. Don’t use auto-response tweets They just aren’t as nice as human tweets.  People want to build relationships with others who are personable and responsive.

22. Be selective with your followers’ tweets It’s not necessary to read all of them, just the ones that catch your attention.  This can help you tweet more effectively.

23. Improve re-tweeting Remember to leave at least twenty characters’ worth of space.

24. Use lists They help you monitor people closely, build online communities around specific interests, and arrange Tweet-ups.

25. Follow events more easily Use, type in the #hashtag of the event, and you’re all set.

26. Make #hashtags for each post These are like keywords people use to search.

27. Post #hashtags everywhere Do this if you’d like to make your event turnout even better.

28. Tweet out the attendance registration Events that do so usually drive up attendance.

29. Set themes to your Tweet-ups This will make them more interesting and attractive.  Include activities that allow people to interact with each other so they aren’t just standing around in a crowd.  To make sure everyone recognizes one another, label attendees with their Twitter handles.

30. Make a human connection Don’t just tweet content of the event, bond with your speakers and attendees. Twitter is all about connecting together and building communities online.

31. Don’t blast people Twitter should be used as a personal communication tool, not as a megaphone. Engagement is key and content is king!

32. An informative background helps It’s a nice piece of Internet real estate that you can use to promote yourself and your other social networks.

33. Invite followers to other social platforms Try to make all the platforms different; this will give followers the incentive to join them.

34. Never leave assets in one place It’s important to spread out amongst platforms.   Twitter is not the only marketing tool you can use to drive business.

35. Share posts among different platforms Use #in to share on Linked-in or #fb to share on Facebook.

Follow these tips and you will triumph with your Twitter campaign.  Stay consistent and watch as you meet your goals and more.  Remember, a cupful of valuable content, a spoonful of shared ideas,  a pinch of engagement, and a hint of oregano—equals one serving of Twitter success! 

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