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July 22, 2017

Should I Outsource SEO?

Should I Outsource SEO?

Every so often you hear or read these trendy call to action statements from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agency websites such as – top 3 rankings guaranteed and more. Most of the time, it is enough information for you to fall into their trap. Why? It’s because SEO companies and experts know that they cannot guaranty top positions or any specific position for that matter. So, should you outsource SEO? Here are some points to help you undertake this important decision.

Should I outsource SEO?  

  1. Timeline: Is time an important constraint for your business? Let’s say you are expecting results within one to two months.  Usually this does not happen whether your website is brand new or even an old one.  So, what is my best recommendation for them?  Consider advertising! It will give you a better payoff.
  2. Budget: What is your budget? If you do not have any constraints on it, then yes, you should definitely outsource SEO. If budget is the issue, then here is something that can help you. If you have some know-how of SEOs, then you can outsource some key activities, monitor them closely and spend wisely. Experiment!
  3. Experience: You will find a lot of people willing to offer amazing services at nominal rates, but are they worth your time and money? This is where experience comes into play. If they have a strong portfolios of their work and they pass your interviews of them, then considering hiring them, use your position to your advantage. Ask for a trial period for their services. Consider offering milestone payments based on performance expectations. Remember that SEO work does not offer any guarantees. To maintain a position is very hard and if you are working hard, then you can be sure that your competitors are too!

I am not in any way downgrading SEOs and their service providers. In fact, SEO has worked wonders for  me personally and many of my clients. I mean there is so much information regarding  SEOs. The best tactic that I have observed is the bundling of SEO and PPC (pay per click). Hire an online marketing expert now to take care of your online presence! Knowledge is wisdom, so learn online marketing lessons and courses right here. You can do it!

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