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July 26, 2017

Small deals: Trash them; Think Big!





Through my experiences as an entrepreneur I have seen that I am better at selling to businesses than to individuals. I am going to teach you simple steps that will help you land big deals with different businesses:


Relationship Matters:

No one wants to buy from people they do not trust. You want to make a purchase from someone you can trust and relate to. How do you create this bond? Start by telling stories; share your background and experiences. I like to speak to get personable with my prospects and let them know about my background and my journey on how I got to where I am. The point of this strategy is to get your prospects to feel like they have known you for a very long time. Take your time, and get personable!


Think Smart (Logical Purchasing):

Now think of this, if a business is spending $250,000 a year with someone else, however you can help them save money and do the task for $100,000 why not bring this up to them? Talk about how you can save your prospects money, and show them that your results will be better than your competitors. I always like to bring case studies with me to show them what I will do is different.  In addition, show them testimonials you got from your past clients, and give them references. This will also help build the trust I mentioned above.


Businesses are all about making sales. They want to know how you can help increase their revenue. Use effectuation to determine what the company needs in order to raise revenue. As an example, I pitched to Bonamour (an international company) about how I can bring more traffic to their website, which will bring them more customers and help increase their profits. I showed them all the phases and the process. They were intrigued and made the correct decision to hire me!

Emotional Purchasing:

People who do not buy using logic, purchase by how they feel. Now you have to change your focus from intriguing the mind to their mood.


If you are not able to convince the buyer using logic (as I mentioned above) then serve their sentiments. For example, I had a prospect who got personable with me and told me they love quality white chocolate with wine.  I would purchase these items and send them to my prospect as a “thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy these.” This will surely enhance their mood to working with me. Look for the values that the prospect puts on certain items and give it to them. This one you have to think creatively on.


Scarcity Creates Demand:

Using the above strategies will make your prospect  interested. Now you have to get them to take the next step. Let them know this is a limited time deal. Also, you only take a certain amount of clients at once, and if they miss out then you will have to move on to maybe even one of their competitors and help them out. See the urgency I am creating here?

However, it is important to be honest about it. If you are not honest and they find out, it will only look bad on you and your business. For example, I like to work closely with my clients and few of them at once so I can really get to know them. If I signed 3 contracts for 2 years, then I don’t have room for someone else. Let them know this!


The deal is in your hand, close it!

When you pitch to different businesses, they clearly have the higher-power. In addition, they will also try to bargain down the price with you. Remember to take a note of this. Now what you have to do is ask them the question using scarcity. For example, let them know you are not taking on any other clients and you want to work with companies that have a sellable product and you know you can bring innovative ideas to. Ask them, why would I want to work with a business like yours?

This will get the company in a defense mode and they will tell you about how great their company is. Did you see how this worked? Now they are telling you why you should work with them. Deal closed! Need I say more?


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