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July 22, 2017

Social Media, Networking & Marketing Strategy Consulting

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The ingredients and the strategy are different from industry to industry, but our services will give you an idea of how your business can benefit and become the definitive choice for your consumers. Marketing practices are done online and offline, because both are essential mediums in giving continuous flow of communication for both owner and consumer.

Restaurants, Delis, Bistros & Sandwich Shops

Each restaurant has its own brand identity and we will make yours stand above the rest. How? We may use Twitter as a micro-blogging device to execute your valuable content. Another social network is Facebook, which will allow you to attain a brand identity for your restaurant as well as provide customer reviews. Food-spotting may be used to show your consumers how tasty the food taste. Add all of these along with our other secret ingredients to make your place more sociable and tasty!

Hotels, Spas & Resorts

The service at a hotel is paramount, therefore we will help you customize your choices so we can build and maintain a reputation. Use Twitter as a concierge service where customers can get answers about your place right away. Another tool to use is Facebook to promote specials and promotional codes that will allow customers to receive an affordable rate. Invoq is a service which allows customers to make last minute reservations, so it will make decision making more convenient for your guests. Hotels only want the best for their guests, and with our guidance and methods, will leave your customers feeling fulfilled.

Entertainment Organizations & Celebrities

No other online marketing strategy comes close to the benefits of social media. There are so many social media avenues one may select from. Twitter, Facebook, and yes, even MySpace are great venues to advertise your new blockbuster movie or exciting event. With a bit of Facebook advertising you will easily see a transformation in the amount of business that you can capitalize and access.

Salons, Massage Parlors & Barber Shops

You may want to consider the experience of your customers when they are at your place. How does the ambiance at your salon differ from the average salon? We will help you create an inviting ambiance for your customers. Tweet-ups are a fun way to promote your services. YouTube allows people to understand your brand and how the services are done. Yelp reviews can give you feedback as how to improve your business based on reviews by your customers. With us collaborating and guiding, we can create a community of followers of your brand or lifestyle.

Business To Business (B2B)

Businesses want to create an online community in order to reach their target audience. Linked-in allows businesses to attract other industry related organizations to collaborate with. Spoke allows you to connect with your target audience and promote it too. Multiply allows businesses the ability to provide an online presence and build a brand identity through the engagement with other businesses. Mix these ingredients along with other branding strategies and Bon Appétit!

Medical Clinics & Practices

Keeping patients happy and healthy is the goal for doctors. How? Arrange events and post them on eventbrite or social calendars. Crowdrise helps you arrange fundraisers for causes and Twitter allows you to promote your cause to your target audience. Flickr allows you to hold a special photo contests and share them via Facebook– such as a beautiful baby contest. Combine these social platforms with traditional offline marketing and you have a full-course meal.

Gyms, Fitness Clubs & Personal Trainers

Staying healthy and fit should be promoted everyday but how do you know what is the best way? Mobile advertising can let your target audience know when you have specials or classes that pertain to their interest. Facebook can serve as a page to determine customer loyalty and promote new recipes, tips, etc. that provide value for your audience. Participating in health forums allows you to see what your competitors are saying and what your target audience is saying about you.

Bars & Nightclubs

Having a hard time bringing the nightlife experience to the internet? Facebook allows you to promote social media specials catered to your clients. Twitter can serve as a customer service and feedback system to know what your customers are saying about you. When you have specials let your consumers know through SMS during the off hours, so they can enjoy and experience your venue.

Authors, Speakers, Coaches & Consultants

Do you have a published book that needs to gain visibility? Let2 s start with getting your book posted on LibraryThing and promoting it through Facebook. Then we go ahead add a social account with Goodreads and promote this on Twitter. Then we can use Shelfari and add bookshelves and share books while engaging readers with your book. These are just few of the many pages needed to complete the marketing campaign for your book.

Musicians, Music Companies & Promotion Agencies

Do you want to create a brand identity for yourself in the music industry? Reverbation will help you broadcast your music and reach new and existing fans across the internet. In order to reach out to your database you can utilize Champion Sound, which will help you with your email marketing. Then use Say Now as a broadcasting service to communicate with your fans through the internet. These alone will start you at the right direction and as your visibility is pushed to the limelight and loyal fans grow, more strategies and tactics should follow.

Real Estate Agents, Lenders & Companies

Do you want to bring awareness to your practice in a unique way? VistaZoo is a Virtual world that allows you to sell items from 360 degrees through the internet. Use Outlandish and make a landing page for your practice; allowing you to obtain a brand identity and awareness to your business. Facebook and Twitter can be used as a micro-blogging site, in order to filter your valuable information to your target audience. Now we are on the right road, but the campaign just began, there is a long road ahead of you.

Small Businesses

How can you make a small business well-known within an online community? Let2 s begin with a company blog as the foundation of your business. Then continue to use Linked-In to answer questions others have posted through groups and discussion boards. After that we will connect these to Foursquare in order to quantify the days they go in to your establishment such as which month/day/week you2 re the busiest, and how often you get repeat and/or new customers. With a few more strategies and implementations we can turn your business into a word-of-mouth marketing machine.

Fashion, Retail & Clothing Outlets

Have trendy clothing, but wondering how you can track your target audience? First, start a blog that engages your target audience in the clothes you are trying to sell. Then we can use Zinio Digital Magazines to display products and make your clothing into a social party. We can participate in forums and inform your target audience about the latest trends and what we have to offer. We are just at the beginning of the runway; we still need a few more pieces to reach the end.