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July 22, 2017

Social Media Tips for Individuals and Businesses













As we all know the importance of social media in generating revenue for businesses, but how do we ensure that the time spent on social media is not a total waste? Social media is a world of opportunities for businesses. Here are some tips that you need to pay special attention to in order to achieve business goals.

Quality vs. Quantity

First of all, you need to have a personality. There is a difference between getting thousands of fans and just a couple of hundreds that are super engaged. Your product is more likely to sell to people who are more focused and engaged with your brand than just thousands of people who can take it or leave it. The same goes for content, don’t just keep your feed alive for the sake of it; traffic and engagement from quality content will surpass useless content updates.

Interaction and Engagement

You have to encourage your fans by interacting with them. Don’t just throw in a dead tweet or a useless status message, but instead ask them for their comments and followed by some incentive. This is where you will get your fans to interact with your updates and they will be more loyal to you than ever.

Mixed Promotion

What a lot of businesses and brands do is promote themselves by tweeting and status updating content. This is just what they do; the result is no fan engagement and dead silent fan page or user base. The recommend method of promotion is to divide your content into promotional, specific to your industry or community and interactive conversations.

Focused Marketing

There are a lot of social media platforms by which you can engage with your customers. But having a presence on a dozen of them usually doesn’t work out. Instead, a better and more focuses marketing approach is to pick out the ones you can handle the best, usually 1-3. This way you can be better in communicating and engaging with your fans and followers timely and hence that social media platform can act as customer support where not only you are taking care of user feedback but also making sales, getting traffic a lot more than you would from all the social media combined.

Be Yourself

This is what I call the golden rule of engagement. Be yourself instead of posing as a fake identity or hide behind a custom made graphic. The user engagement level increases if your followers and fans trust you with who you are so show yourself and build their trust and confidence.

Active Monitoring

Introduce client and customer monitoring as a regular activity of your social media marketing campaign. If you monitor your clients and customers on social media you can anticipate their next set of actions and help serve them better!


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