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July 26, 2017

Social Media: Tips Visuals and Videos That Go Viral

Social Media: Tips Visuals and Videos That Go Viral


Visuals and videos are the new craze when it comes to Internet marketing. Big giants like Pinterest and Instagram are only accepting either visuals or videos; not both. Is your business topping out or trending? What can you implement to ensure your visuals and videos go viral?


Here are some case studies and tools to help your business achieve its goals in 2014:


Tool One: Brandcast

Face it. We can post random pictures all day long, but that does not mean they will go viral. When a business is unique and different, it automatically increases its chances of going viral in the world of marketing. We use a tool called Brandcast to mass publish videos and visuals on our networks. Businesses that implement social media correctly generally have more than one account. They affiliate their accounts with different personas or titles that help them stay organized. For example, a business can have five twitter accounts for customer service, marketing department, street team inquiries, career inquiries, and the persona or character that represents the company.


Tool Two: BlkDot

Do you have products to sell online? Tumblr is a relatively new state-of-the-art microblogging platform and social networking website for displaying visuals of your products. With little effort, you can add post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, email or wherever you happen to be in color with varying themes.You can price your visuals while only paying a 3 percent transaction fee. So, why advertise through banner ads when you can create an audience on Tumblr? You can add visuals of your products and sell them for FREE! In order to make your visuals go viral, make sure your business uses large, high-resolution photos.


Tool Three: Piqora

Most of our clients don’t do enough of this but they should! This is a great analytics tool for Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr (all visual based networks.) It is able to track your most popular and profitable images. It’s analytic capabilities can also  gather viral data for brands that otherwise go unnoticed. Piqora even provides instant details such as “revenue per pin” or “profit from Tumblr post.” Our favorite thing about this tool is that it provides a list of our most influential followers whom we follow through our landing page. It allows us to reward our most influential followers with “random acts of kindness” gifts. This includes, Starbucks Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, free t-shirts, and more.


Case Study One: Make-Up Heaven

A new face and artist that has taken the lead on You Tube from Lady Gaga with more than 5 million subscribers is Michelle Phan (a young make-up demonstrator, entrepreneur and You Tube celebrity) who features make-up tutorials online. They are short, straightforward and loaded with visuals. She gets personable with her audience, which makes her come off as transparent, authentic and trustworthy. She even teamed up with the L’Oreal Group to start her own makeup line. Michelle encourages her customers to upload their own videos to her website as well. This is Michelle’s way of increasing her engagement, getting the community involved, and sharing her platform.


Case Study Two: Threadless

Threadless and online community of artists and an e-commerce infiltrates their subscribers with a nyriad of visuals and short videos for their community. Everything they do on Instagram involves storytelling about their community and what they are doing to promote an exclusive forum for other printed designers. This company is determined to put their customers in the spotlight unlike many other companies who promote themselves. In 2014, self-promotion will be a thing of the past. It is all about social proof and getting the community involved with your movement.

 Social Media: Tips Visuals and Videos That Go Viral

Case Study Three: AirBnB

One of the world’s top 50 innovative companies and imitated successes is AirBnB. From the onset of their business, they crafted a very not so techy solution to host free professional photography services from more than 2,000 freelancers who have visited 13,000 listings across six continents.They’ve since partnered with a producer who basically put six-second videos into a short film. This short film showcases all the people that submitted their Vine videos (enables users to create and post short video clips) from around the world. Check out their creative films by clicking on the link above. They are amazing!

What did you think of my tools and case studies list? Is it helpful? Comment below!

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