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July 26, 2017

The Role of a Logo Design in Social Media Marketing

We are always looking for ways to improve our marketing campaigns on social media websites. There is one important factor that, we, at times, neglect and this is why we don’t get the results we look for. This important factor is known as “Logo Design”.

Your logo will be on your website and it will give your business a face through which you will be recognized. So, when people will see your logo on social media sites, they will be able to associate you with your company instantly. Those who neglect this important marketing factor can’t really enjoy the power of this highly effective medium.

Secondly, those who don’t know you (I am talking about your target market here), when they will see your logo on social media websites, your high quality logo will entice them to learn more about your business.

Having said that, let’s now briefly discuss the role of a logo design in social media marketing:

Your Logo Design Promotes Your Business Silently Yet Powerfully:

How do you expect your market to know that a certain video was uploaded by you? Or, you are active on a particular social networking site? In every video or conversation, you can’t introduce yourself and your business. So, it’s your logo design that does the promotion for you silently and effectively.

Your Logo Design Prevents You from Becoming a Spammer:

A lot of people join social media sites just to post links to different products. They do it because they fail to create an impressive brand image and all they care about is bringing some traffic to their website by posting links everywhere. An effective logo design clearly depicts your business model. If it’s designed professionally and attractively, people (yes, your target audience) will automatically take interest in it and would love to learn more about your company and products. So, you won’t have to spam.

Your Logo Design Tells Your Market How Professional You Are:

Ok, so, you have posted a video and you want your target market to watch it. If it’s from someone ‘anonymous’ everyone may not take interest in it. However, if your logo design, a high quality logo design, is prominent on the same page then people will know whom it’s from. See, your market can’t see you physically online. When they will look at your logo, they will begin to imagine how you may be. If they will like the logo, they will like you and, thus, will take interest in your communication as well as products.

Your Logo Design Ends Confusion on Social Media Websites:

When you create a fan page, you will be able to tell your market that it’s the official fan page of your company (some unethical competitors tend to create fake pages too). Your logo design with a link to your website will help you win the trust of your market and divert targeted traffic to your business website.

So…These are some of the powerful things a logo design can do on social media sites. So, do not neglect them. If you don’t have a logo, get one as soon as possible.

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