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July 26, 2017

The Value of Social Blogmarking



Blogmarking is when you distribute your blog post through blog bookmarking sites.


The Process:


Blogmarking involves writing a post on your blog lost, finding an active blogmarking site, and submitting your post to the blogmarking site. After coming up with a post, this gets a ranking based on the number of votes you get from the active users. Remember, if your post has a catchy title, then it is likely that your post will get a lot of viewers. The better it is, the more likely it will get votes and land on the front page of the blogmarking site.


This is a process that is similar to social bookmarking. However, some features are different. A social bookmarking site is mostly influenced by power users who get to choose which post is featured on the homepage. Remember, these are the users that have been on the site since it was created and they are on the site all the time. Social blogmarking, on one hand, is different because any blog post can be promoted to the front page based on the amount of votes it receives. Here are a few useful blogmarking sites:



· (focuses on design news only)



Social Media vs. Social Blogmarking

Spreading the word about your blog is an integral part of marketing that generates traffic. Social media sites, such Facebook, Twitter, etc., will increase bloggers traffic if they are active users on them. This can take a lot of time.

Social Media Advantages:

They help you conduct an online community. They encourage discussion and community interaction. For example, Facebook allows you to connect and keep in touch with your high school and college friends. Another positive side for using community-related sites is that they encourage personal discussions, which are the foundation of relationship building.

Anyone can use Social media platforms as these are open to anyone. Although some sites may have your target audience while others may not, anyone can open an account with them.

Social Media Disadvantages:

Time and dedication: Influence is key on social media platforms. They are able to help you build a brand and loyalty, but it takes time to do it. Those who have greater popularity, bigger audiences, and stronger reputations are more likely to succeed with social media than those that don’t. Building your profile and making sure it is going to attract your target audience takes time and can get tedious as well. Social media platforms also allow spamming and ads, so be careful who you choose to be friends with. As a new blogger, the results you will get from social media platforms are beneficial, however they will take time.

Social Blogmarking Platforms:

Many bloggers do not utilize social blogmarking yet because it is fairly new but it is an integral part of connecting with other bloggers and bringing traffic to your blog.

Advantages of social blogmarking:

They are less-time consuming: If you are a new blogger or not, you have thw equal opportunity to gain the exposure you want. Your influence does not matter when it comes to social blogmarking, but the title and the content of your blog posts do matter.

Connect with bloggers in your niche:  Social media platforms are not user friendly when it comes to trying to find your target audience. Social blogmarking platforms are mainly used by bloggers so it is easier to get traffic. You will get more links to your articles when you submit them to social blogmarking platforms because most of the people reading them are bloggers. In addition, they are more likely to share your content on their blogs if it is useful to them and it applies to their niche.

Content is king: If your goal as a blogger is to find content to link to, or as reader you want to read more information on your industry, social blogmarking sites are effective because they don’t allow spammers and ads to distract you. This can be highly effective for you if you’re trying to reach your goal.

Sharing is caring: The use of social blogmarking platforms allows you to share your favorite blog posts with your community. This is more effective than social media platforms because it allows you to share with a community who is in your niche vs. sharing it with arbitrary friends on social media platforms.

Vote and Commenting Features: These platforms allow you to comment on blog posts through commenting systems and vote on them as well. Now bloggers are able to easily connect with others using this system.

Disadvantages of Social Blogmarking:

They’re Precise: They do not have a broad appeal or general audiences yet. Most of the sites focus on tips and making money online, so it is harder for people of other industries to make these platforms more useful for them.

The Unknown:  This is a new concept and although the audiences are growing, they are not known by the masses yet.


The advantages of social blogmarking overpower the disadvantages. Remember you do not have a huge following for high profile to succeed at social blogmarking.


What do you feel about social blogmarking in the future?


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