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July 26, 2017

Top 10 Landing Page Tips For Producing Increased Response Rates

Landing Pages

Here are some guidelines for creating the perfect landing page, designed to help increase the response rate of your prospects landing on it:

1. Create a landing page with your company’s tone, color scheme and brand.

Your landing page should reflect your company's brand. Include your company’s look and feel, colors, logo, etc. As people start seeing your “look, tone, and feel” they will remember who you are. For example, WD-40 uses the colors blue and yellow and always talked about DIY tips. Sure, there are tons of products out there that get rid of squeaks, but now that they have create a brand around their "look, tone, and feel’ they have opened the doors to be remembered over and over again.

2. "Keep It Simple Silly"

Try to keep the landing page as simple as possible. This will include a short message, some graphics and an opt-in box with a compelling offer. The premise of the page is to get your prospects to take the next step, which should be to ‘fill out the form’ or to ‘buy’ the product. That's it.

3. Landing Pages are about EFFECTIVE communication and lead generation, not advertising!

Remember, the purpose of the landing page is to provide enough information for your potential buyers to make a purchase or to generate information about the potential buyer. You will use advertising to get people to your landing page, but the landing page needs to have what they need to know to take the take the appropriate action-steps you want them to take in your sales funnel. The landing page needs to use effective communication to give value to the buyer (i.e., solves their problem or enhances their life style). Do not advertise on the landing page, unless you want to waste time and money on marketing.

4. The Buyer’s Point of View is Gold!

Who is going to be visiting your landing page? You or the prospect/customer? Remember to use the same style, tone, and feel as your website. This page is not to promote your other product or services; rather, it is to give information to the buyer. The information must be of value to them or else they will not take the next step. Help them solve a problem, such as, save them time or money, help them lose weight, etc. Watch the responses sky rocket when you focus in on solving their problem.

5. Testimonials make a difference!

People believe and trust their friends right? This is why testimonials are invaluable to your business. This is a great way to show what others think of your products and services, while providing information to your prospects at the same time. Now, add a positive testimonial from a few happy customers and your prospects are going to believe what you say just a little more!

6. What do you need to know about calls-to-action?

How do you know if the offer you have is going to appeal to the person who visits your landing page? You don’t really, but this is why you should have multiple calls-to-action on your landing page. For example, if you have a B2B landing page, you might also offer white papers, a free trial on a product, and a price quote a specified service. A company that sells products may want to offer various sizes and options.

7. Don’t ask for too much!

When you have a robust opt-in form that asks for too much information from the prospect, that potential customer may feel overwhelmed and leave without filling it out. This may cause you to lose a potential sales lead. Instead, ask for as little information as possible. Some forms just ask for an eMail address. Some ask for their first name (only) and an eMail address. Depending on your niche or industry, you may be able to ask for more information, such as a telephone number, occupation title, or even have your prospect as you a question right on the opt-in form. Just remember, any other information you might ask for may cause you to lose that potential lead. Again, depending on your niche or industry, you may or may not want to ask for too much personal information, such as age, income, etc. KNOW YOUR MARKET! That's all I can say!

8. Create an ‘Independent’ landing page!

Yes, even landing pages are best when they are independent! Recall, that the goal of the landing page is to get the prospect to take the next step right? Yes! Now, if they lose attention to taking that next step and click on the other links that you provide, and then you may lose that potential lead. This is why it is vital to create a page that is simple and allows the prospect to take the next step. To do this, register a specific domain name for your landing page. Then, have only your landing page content and sales copy on that domain name.

9. About the Call-to-Action!

The more user-friendly (and simple) your landing page is, the easier it will be for your prospect to respond to it. Do you want your prospects to go further? Then make it easy for them to sign-up and enjoy your products/services. You don't have to give them everything up front. Just one thing at a time. Piece-meal it. Date first, then propose, then marry!

10. The Most Forgotten Sales Tactic: Following-up!

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how many networking events I have been to where they did NOT follow up. Why so? I knew that getting the business card and meeting the people was just the first step, but why get the business card if you are not planning to follow up, right? Wasted time, right?

The same goes for your landing page and when you have leads coming in. If you used my tactics as outlined above for a compelling landing page, then you will have leads coming in, right? So, don’t just throw them in the towel when they don't buy right off the bat. Make sure you follow-up as quickly as possible! I would suggest to follow up within the same hour or else your hot leads are going to start getting cold. This is done with autoresponders.  

What do you think of these tips? Please comment below and share the article with your friends!


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