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July 26, 2017

Top Ways To Increase Content Lifespan


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When you are trying to expand the lifespan of content, keep in mind that the story will hit and fade off pretty quickly. What should you do to prevent this from happening? Let’s start off with trying to get more traffic, initially 1-2 days of the story. In addition, encourage your story to be part of the news that is relevant to increase content lifespan.  An easy way to leverage your story is to use sites that already have tons of visitors on them:

Note: On Reddit you can get a number of votes on your story and if it becomes popular you can receive an enormous amount of traffic in a short amount of time. Before you know it your story will go viral. You can use tools like Social Bro and “If this then that” to help you use automation techniques to get the word out about your stories.

Another method that was provided was merchandising stories. When you merchandise stories you can purchase them and add them to your blog or website. The only problem is the story links last longer than the merchandized links. Dennis mentioned a tool called Silk, which helps you search for related stories. He commented that he really liked this tool because you are able to rank your stories based on the comments you received for your story.

Then Aaron took over and spoke about his expertise. He talked about increasing traffic for your advantage. The type of content you want to produce is:

  • “How-to” articles on a daily basis. This will last about 520 days. Wow!
  • When you publish stories prior to other major publications you can get ranking for them very quickly and you can steer traffic to your site.
  • The story doesn’t have to be too long a couple paragraphs will work.
  • This is how a lot of shares and links are produced on the different networks. When choosing a URL make sure it is the original one.
  • If you already published the story and other details come up then use a different URL.

The News Social Demographic Facts include:

  • 27% of people who are “frequent sharers” also shared 87% of the news that was being shared.
  • 43% of the news is distributed through other networks.
  • The most interesting fact I learned is that online news is mostly dominated by well-educated males between the ages of 30-54.
  • The largest amount of visitors in the top 25 sites had bachelor degrees.


Then we went to objectifying the content. What is the goal of posting content? It is suppose to create something useful and unique. He mentioned that the content needs to be impressive so you can retain value from it. It needs to be:


Extraordinary + useful + unique content = traffic + authority + attention= followers, readers = conversions

He also mentioned that you need to start planning your content, so if you have not started planning it yet, then this is necessary.

He gave us these suggestions:

-Create a content calendar based on keyword research

– Use ideas and create assignments

-Source from 3rd parties to get external links

-Draft from comments of other parties

-Use Google Calendar and WordPress SEO pack


How can you ‘seed content’ to specific links?

-Ask your target audience for feedback on what they want to read about.

-Thank your audience; this will give them instant gratification.

-Ask the linked targeted for their opinion.


Then he went into examples of sites that had great content. This included: “The Atlantic Wire” and “The Verge.” The one thing they had in common was that they were publishers.

Non-publishers are also doing a form of rich content which includes:

1. Innovation content

2. Other types of content

3. Great layout and flexibility

4. Contributors of content that is high quality

5. Sharing content and mechanisms

6. You can use Tumblr as your editor. You don’t want to start a blog on Tumblr because it will not get published in the search engines.

7. Create a flexible CMS, and include quotes from both columns and layouts.

8. When you have a video on the site, make sure you include the transcript and the embed code. Videos are a great form of content and they are short.

9. Do not include a bunch of social sharing buttons, at the most include 3. Make sure these buttons are visible and they have URLS.

10. Try to have a content team to write and create your content for you.

11. When you interview people who tell stories then you are taking a cue from others.

12. When you have a content team you will be able to find resources that you need in order to provide valuable insight to your team.

13. Journalists are great! Find them, interview them and tell a story.

14. Make sure all the Arthurs in your content are tagged.

This conference is great so far! What do you guys think of these tips? What are your favorite conferences to attend?


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