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July 22, 2017

Twitter: Things You Need to Know














Twitter has been my favorite tool to promote blog posts and other information that I believe people would find interesting.

Twitter is a great way to bring traffic to your website or blog. I usually use Twitter three to four times a day. Aside from Google and direct traffic, this is the best source to bring more visitors to your website. I usually notice that twitter brings 12-15% of traffic to my blog.

Consistency is important! When you use Twitter, try to use it every day, at least five tweets a day. In order to see results, Twitter needs to be used to build and add on to your community every day. When you have built up a community, you have something to work with when you decide to set-up events for your business.


Do you need a resource to share information?  I personally use Twitter to share information for my blog posts and upcoming events that I want to invite my Twitter community to.


Responding is key. When people mention you on Twitter, make sure you respond to them. The first way people can contact you is through the @ symbol with your username and this can be found in your mentions. The other way people can contact you is through DM (Direct Messages). When someone Retweets your messages, make you say Thank you to show your appreciation.


Less is Better. When you are tweeting, keep it short. If you can keep it to 120 characters, this would be perfect, so people can retweet you. Also make sure your headline is keen so that your tweets can catch attention.


Want to get your message shared? Again, the headline is key, make sure you have an irresistible offer to catch the attention of your target audience. If your audience likes it, they will retweet you and their followers will be able to see your message. Do you see how easy word of mouth marketing can happen on Twitter? The reason you want to keep 20 characters between the wording of your message is because you have to “RT username”.


Hashtags are golden! If you want to categorize your Tweets by subject then you should use hashtags (#). You can do this by going to your search box and typing in #(subject of interest).

Make your life easier by scheduling your Tweets. I personally love to use Hootsuite to schedule all my tweets. I usually work all day so I can’t tweet real-time, but when I set up my tweets I can check to see if I get any response for them, throughout the day. The great thing about Hootsuite is that you can schedule your tweets for any day that you want.


Twitter=Rapid Movement. The lifespan of a tweet is very short. You have to remember that people are tweeting all the time, therefore your message becomes one of a million throughout the day. This is why it is important to be consistent in tweeting by doing this in a regular manner. A secret I want to share with you is to mention people personally, start a conversation, and watch your personal connections grow. When you mention people, your message will end up in their mentions box, so they will see it. It is a more direct way to approach your target audience and avoid the noise found in the news feed.


Opportunities are endless. Use Twitter to find opportunities or event information that you are trying to research and you find interesting. For example, you are looking for a sales job in your area, type in “job, sales, your city” and view the results. This can be found through the Twitter search box.


Do you want to be heard? The best time to tweet is between 9 AM and 3 PM Eastern time. This is the best time to be seen by your target audience.


Your community. Remember, this is the community you create for yourself. The followers I have engage in conversations with me, ask me questions, tell me about stuff that is going on in their world, and give me support. They even help me when I need help. Remember, show appreciation to your followers. You can do this through a DM or even a mention.

Promotion tactics for your blog through Twitter:

Write 3 to 4 overview headlines for each of your posts. Remember to have enough information within your posts that will make your target audience click on it. I usually use a word document to jot down my ideas. once I already have my ideas, I shorten them to 120 characters so they are retweetable.

URL shorteners are platinum: Twitter only lets you use 140 characters, that is why using a shortener is essential. For example, say you have a web address that is 110 characters long, so you are only left with 30 characters to gain attention for your tweets. The URL shortener such as will leave your URL to be 20 characters, so you can customize it. You may use other shorteners as well. The thing I like about shortners is the analytics you can have that will show you how many people have clicked on your link, where it came from, how many retweets you have had as well.

Repeat the above for the new content you have

Next time you are deciding whether to use Twitter or not, think of the possibilities you can gain: competitive intelligence, market insight, a new business partner or supplier, publicity, brand awareness, an idea, new products, customer service, education, lead generation, and even solutions to your problems. Businesses that realize these possibilities will be  moe ahead in the web world than those that try to jump on the bandwagon later on. What is your choice going to be? How are you utilizing this powerful social network now? 

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