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June 22, 2017

Urbanspoon: The Restaurant Decision Maker

How many of us can’t make a decision on where we want to dine out? How many of us just stick with one or two places for fear of the unknown? Now, the Urbanspoon application helps you discover new places in your area while making the decision for you on possible places to eat. In addition, the Urbanspoon application provides you with reviews of the dining place and the price range, so your budget is taken into consideration. If you do not like the decision that it made for you, simply just give your phone a shake and it will show you another pick. This application is available on the Iphone, Android and now the Ipad. urbanspoon on Restaurant WindowBesides just being a mobile application, the Urbanspoon application is also available on Facebook.

The Facebook application allows you to share your favorite places to eat with your friends, because the restaurants you visited will show up in your profile. This creates online presence for the restaurant while creating a brand identity as well. Urbanspoon not only captures individual reviews of the restaurant it also adds reviews from your favorite newspaper as well. Based on this data Urbanspoon posts the top ten finest dining restaurants and the top ten cheap eats in the city, along with the top hundred best restaurants in the city.

Urbanspoon provides “Top Restaurant” window stickers to preferred participating restaurants to help get the word out.   Visitors can add local restaurants to if they are not already there. Restaurant owners would be wise to get themselves listed.

Restaurant patrons; you now have the power of choice without caution, and you don’t have to dine at the same place all the time. This application is available in fourteen different cities in the U.S, along with Vancouver, Canada.

Check if Urbanspoon is available in your area.

Sweta Patel

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