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June 22, 2017

Webinars: The Key to Building your Credibility





Webinars are a part of your marketing strategy, however, one should consider a planned approach when deciding to have a webinar series. In addition, when you plan your approach, it is paramount to have the best speakers who are experts in their own fields.. The speakers you choose should have expertise in web conferencing and presentation. Remember to remind the speakers that they must include a question-and-answer approach.


When you decide to have a webinar, make sure you are engaging your audience. The content you have in your webinar must be highly informative and make sure your speakers are able to have an interesting presentation.


Whenever you have a webinar, it is important that you don’t turn away from the members of your audience who are interested in what you have to tell them. It is crucial to treat your clients with the most respect possible. Learn to build relationships with your audience by helping them solve problems.   


Scheduling your webinar is crucial for your webinar. It is all about time management so try to make it so people all over the nation can view your webinar. From experience, Tuesday and Wednesdays seem to work the best to hold webinars.


When you promote your webinar, one of the top strategies is to integrate tested messages and ad sources. In addition, make sure you promote it to your network of people so you can maximize your results. A bonus tip is to reward the people who bring their friends to the webinar as well.


I know Facebook does this but you can utilize it as well. Take the chance to ask people what is on their mind. As you are making polls, you can potentially learn what the members of your audience want and what they are not really interested in.


Now, through promotional tactics, you might get an audience that becomes too large. It is important to have a co-host in a situation like this. In this way, they can moderate while one person speaks. Whoever you chose to be the co-host, make sure they know the webinar inside and out.


Successful webinars require tons of planning. Sit down, make a schedule, come up with possible speakers for your webinar, and plan the registration, budget and the promotions.


Avoid these when making webinars:


Don’t come off from a sales point of view. We want to build relationships so you must clearly understand what your audience wants and deliver it to them. Don’t try to appear boastful or righteous. Think as if you are always learning and evolving and you want someone who is evolving in the same way. 


The person that always utters “umms” or “ahh” will not be effective in webinar. Make sure you are fully confident of what you are going to say before you say it. Get rid of the empty fillers when thinking of conversations.


Humor is great, however, when you don’t have a live audience who doesn’t get your jokes then these become useless. You will get a bunch of crickets and these types of moments will turn out to be awkward. Again, if you don’t have a large audience, then don’t try to be funny because you will not appear funny.


Do you ever get tired of those phone calls in which the other person keeps going on and on and you don’t know how to tell them to stop? Do not ramble in your webinar.  All you need to do is to get straight to the point. Remember, more is less when it comes to your slides. Try to incorporate this strategy into  your webinar. When you have too many slides it does not necessarily mean you are offering the best of content. Sometimes it means that you are boring them with your information.



Presenters Takeaways:

Plan Plan Plan- I know I have mentioned this before but make sure you know what you are going to say before you say it. Make sure your takeaway messages are empowering your audience. Don’t ever just try to wing a webinar because you might lose your loyal audience this way.

The Delivery- Make sure your message is clear, smooth, and short. Try not to just reiterate the slides. Instead, make the messages more insightful. Marketing is now leading to storytelling so try to incorporate more stories into your presentation. Make it as personable as possible so you can gain the trust of your audience.

The slides- These need to be simple, yet powerful. If you have a lot of words on your slides they may seem too informational. I believe images are worth 1000 words  So think about this the next time you are making a slide show. I usually like to add funny pictures so I can make the audience laugh while I give them important insight on each  of the images. This will help your audience remember the message more clearly as well.

Phases of the story- Every time you have a story, it has a beginning, middle and end to it. Try to engage your audience as much as possible so you can create excitement.

Pace is key- Make sure you do not speak too fast, or else you might confuse your audience. I have a tendency to overwhelm people with information, so it took me some time to learn to pace myself while I spoke in the different series of webinars to educate my prospects.  

Flexibility- You can have a script for your presentation, but make sure you are able to change up your tones so it doesn’t sound like you just reiterating it. Try to come into the webinar early and stay after so you can answer any questions. Be able to be flexible, in which you can move from slides to answer possible questions your prospects have. If your audience finds something too basic, then move on to the next item, so you can answer the bigger questions in the picture.

Give them something to do- Make sure you give your audience homework to do. Allow them to connect to a relationship level with you. In order for this to happen, you have to make your audience feel comfortable so you can influence them.  

If you want to use a topnotch webinar tool with an unbeatable price, then try this one: Comf5. Did I miss any tips?  

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