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July 26, 2017

What Everyone Ought to Know About Social Bookmarking Part 2














Avoid these Headline Mistakes:

Patronizing and offending the reader: You will get the attention you want with these type of headlines, but it will only hurt your brand in the long-run. Do not talk-down to anyone, if you are a leader than meet your audience eye to eye.

Too clever: Do not try to look smarter with these type of headlines. No one wants to fall for a gimmick, so it is better to come off as plain and simple.

Big words and incomprehensible language: Remember, I said that talking directly to your audience is very essential. The better you connect with your audience, the more likely your ideas will spread throughout.

Don’t try to please everyone: Find a niche that you want to attract and put your focus on them. You do not need to make everyone happy, or else you will miss out in the long-run.

Old news: Social news is becoming so powerful that no one wants to read stuff that has already been written before, so make sure your content is new.

“Bookmarkable” Content:

Comprehensive content: This type of content will be useful to the reader throughout and is not focused on trends and statistics within the moment.

Value-Added Content: If your audience is asking, what is in it for me? Then make sure you are appealing to their interest. Let your readers know what their benefits are. “How-to” content is a great example of this because it displays the value right in the headline.

Emotion-Added Content: Appeal to the emotions of the reader that will make them take action and do what you need them to do. This can bring out anger, passion, love, joy, hate, etc.

Specific Audience: Even if this means your message cannot apply to everyone, that is okay. All you need to appeal to is a specific audience. The more target oriented you are the bigger the impact you will make.

Promoting Your Content:

Tweet your content: After sharing other people’s content, you can tweet others to vote on your content. However, if you do this too much, people will look at it as spam and avoid your tweets. Make sure you are promoting others 7 times every 1 time your promote yourself.

Voting: Do not ask for your audience’s vote right away. Make sure you give it sometime. Listen to what is out there, build your community, and then ask.

Submit to the right sites: Make sure the category you choose  for your content matches your audience. For example, where would an article related to the economy  fit best in: politics, finance, or world news? Take a look at these categories, and see what is being submitted to them, and then submit what you have.

Share! Share! Share!: You can share your content through email and IM to start spreading the word about it, if you haven’t already built your community to read it. This means vary your channels and tools to earn the support from your target audience within the different communities. For example, you can even add a twitter button on your content page, so people can share it in the twitter community as well. provides excellent tools you can embed within your website to make sharing easy.

Voting Buttons: You can add voting buttons to your stories when they have received attention. If you do it too soon, then they might not be able to reach the most popular mark. Make sure you use this function after your story has already received attention.

Get your votes within 24 hours: Timing is crucial, so make sure your able to receive the most amount of votes for your content within this time period for it to become popular.

Direct submission URLs: People do promote their voting links, however social bookmarking sites do not count votes that come directly to the voting page. Make sure you do not just give out the link to the voting page, but the link to your content so you can earn real votes.

Change it up: Every time you add content, try to learn something new. Keep in mind what is working for you and what isn’t. Practice does make you better, especially on social bookmarking sites.

Repeat: Remember what I said about repetition? The more you repeat, the more acceptable something becomes. Keep submitting content, and network while you are at it. This will help you build influence in your community as well.

Avoid these bookmarking tactics:

Over-exaggerating: Do not make your headlines seem better than they really are. People will see this as a “gimmick” and eventually get tired of it and not want to read your content anymore.

Do not rush: Even though there is a time limit for your story to “go popular” it is important that you do not come off as you are hungry for votes, so be aware of this.

Spamming: I have mentioned this before but spamming is useless. If you keep promoting your own stories and engage in unnatural ways then you will get kicked-off of social bookmarking sites. Spamming includes: votes that come from same IP addresses, users, voting URLs, time zones, or the “share” features.

Pop-ups: Don’t try to monetize by adding pop-ups to your site that has advertising on it. Turn off pop-ups or you will get voted down upon your submissions.

There you have it! Did I miss anything on this social bookmarking article? Please comment below: 

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