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June 22, 2017

Word-of-Mouth Marketing: How To Create a Stampede of Marketers for your Business!

Word of Mouth


Word-of-mouth marketing has been trending for decades now. Why? Have you heard of the saying, “Happy customers are your best advertisers?”, or “If people like you, and like what you do, they are bound to tell their friends?” Of course, you have …

What Else Is Word-Of-Mouth Marketing?

Word-of-mouth marketing is also "creating a buzz" (i.e., starting a conversation) or "giving people an incentive to speak about you."

In reality, this is actually not a form of marketing, per se, it's a form of "communication" and "customer service." If you provide great customer service, people are going to talk about you. If you provide terrible customer service, they will DEFINITELY talk about you through blogging and other social sharing outlets. So, watch out!

Strategies For EFFECTIVE Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Campaigns:

1. Make It Easy

Create a simple jingle, or a topic that is easy for everyone to remember. This doesn’t have to be your mission statement, brand description, nor product description. Oh, and the elevator pitch? Forget that! What is something that people will remember about you? Think of one sentence they will be able to tell their friends about what you do for others. "I help people ______ (benefit)."

Now that you have that one sentence that best describes you, spread the news! How? Use tell-a-friend forms on your site, blog it, make t-shirts, add it to flyers, share it on your social channels. Yes, it’s that easy! Oh, I forgot one thing, have fun with it!

2. Happy, Happy People

This should be your goal with word-of-mouth marketing. We want to make people happy! How? Try going the extra mile with your customer service and make sure the work you do gets people energized, excited, and feeling positive enough to tell their friends.

3. Trust And Respect: Once The Vase Is Broken, It Doesn’T Mend

Try talking good about someone you don’t trust? Really difficult, right? This is why your business should maintain a “trustable” reputation to get this kind of respect from your target audience. Once you do, then your loyal customers will help you create a marketing army of promoters for your product/service! When you speak to them, honor their intelligence, fulfill their needs in every way, and if it comes down to it, "kill 'em with kindness."

4. Keep It Interesting

Who likes to talk about boring services and products? No one! Now, before you run an ad, or launch a product, ask your friends (or clients and associates) about it. If your those folks aren’t really interested then it’s a no go, possibly. Try again. If they say it’s great for the sake of being nice, then ask twenty people in your network. If these people would buy it, then you have something to work with. Ask around!

Why Do People Talk About You?

1. They feel as though they are apart of the “family.” Everyone wants to feel accepted at some point in life. This is how you can make them feel as though they are included in the team. Think about sport teams, do they really need to spend tons on marketing? They have tons of fans (i.e., their marketing army). Start rallying a team, create t-shirts for them, have private groups, special events, and give them recognition.

2. Why do people talk? People talk because it makes them feel good, right? It will make them feel smart, connected, and special. Sometimes people feel good when they can help others find what they need in order to solve their problems. Now, think about the guy who always knows which plumber to call. This is how you can rule the marketplace. Make people feel special and smart.

3. Are you a likeable person? If they like you, then they will come back. It's as simple as that. They want to feel a connection to your company, give respect for what you do and want to support you as well! These days people love sharing the products they like so their friends can use them too. What was the best cookie you ever had? The best food you ever ate? These are going to be products and services that inspire them.

Step-by-Step Directions for Word-of-Mouth Marketing

1. The Influencers

Find the people who love to talk and review products and services. Who are the people that have a large influence within your industry? Connect to them and add them to your network. Think about a conversation starter after you have these people collected.

2. The Reason

Now that you have the group of people collected, think about the topic you want them to remember. What is going to be the reason people talk about you? Do you remember Gateway computers? They have the cool cow-colored boxes. Now, that is something to remember. What is your topic? Brand? Look?

3. Think Social, Viral, and Marketing Team

How are you going to keep the buzz going? How will you make it easy for others to share your topic? You can use collateral, create a stamp, add a chat room on your website so people can interact, or through a blog conversation. For example, create an email that has a “secret” coupon for only exclusive people and tell them they can forward to only a couple friends. Now, you have created that instant gratification, while adding sharing methods at the same time!

4. Monitor

When the conversations starts, make sure you keep it going, or else it will die out and bye-bye word-of-mouth momentum. You can also monitor by blog commenting, and sending thank-you's.

5. Measurement

What feedback are you getting from the crowd? This is better than any other kind of market research, because you will know what your direct market wants!

Take-Home Assignment:

1. Figure out why people would want to talk about your services and products.

2. Is your topic worth talking about?

3. Use social mention plugins and tools to find out who is talking about you. Search for 20 blogs in your niche/genre and reach out to them with a topic.

4. Join the fun and start talking.

What do you think of these tips? Please comment below and share the article with your friends 


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