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July 26, 2017

Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Pictures are worth more than 1,000 words

Many of us believe pictures are worth more than 1,000 words. If this is true, then what is the VALUE of being able to organize and share these pictures with your online community? For example, when you see a picture of Dairy Queen’s hot fudge sundae dripping all over, it creates a more convincing scenario than you just reading it in an article. Today I am going to share with you the most effective photo sharing tools in the social media world.

As I mentioned in one of my other articles, Flickr is an effective photo sharing tool. Flickr’s intent is “to get visual content out to their intended audience.” This is a valuable tool for photography companies because it allows them to share their best images through different social network channels and have they link back to Flickr. For example, a photography blog can incorporate pictures from Flickr to spread their online identity and increase their search rankings on Yahoo! In addition, if you’re looking for a way to collaborate with others using pictures this tool is effective. When you are trying to reach a large audience you should post pictures and videos related to your business on Flickr, and then tag, post, and organize your content so it is ready to present. If you are trying to find a photo, this tool will help you search through a variety of photos to serve your need.

The next most popular tool is Photobucket which allows users to upload, link, share, find videos and graphics and tools to make slideshows and videos with music. There is also an online printing service that allows users to add pictures to products, for instance T-shirts and mugs. Photobucket encourages users to create group albums that focus on certain topics they want to share with their audience. I personally use Photobucket to get the HTML code for pictures, so I can turn my pictures into back links that go to my website. I can incorporate these links into Facebook or my website. Photobucket makes it fun and interesting by sponsoring image-related contests for release of new films. For example, Quarantine, users had to search for five Quarantine images on the site in order to qualify for the prize. Photobucket can be more towards personal use or people that have hobbies, but if you’re a business you can also have the opportunity to advertise to over 41 million members through Photobucket.

The next tool is Picasa, which is an extremely user friendly application that allows users to share and edit digital photos. Users can sort images by date, move and rename images to the hard drive, add ratings to your images, create albums, create visual effects, and be able to attach images to emails hastle-free. Picassa is mostly used by photographers who use other software to enhance images or create slide shows to share with their target audience. If you’re looking for a user friendly photo editing program without a significant amount of learning needed, then Picassa is for you. In addition, you can edit your pictures on Picassa and then post them on Photobucket and Flickr to share with your intended audience.

Slide, allows users to make stories through pictures and videos. “Users can share photos in the form of a slide show, share favorite videos, skin their Youtube videos, or use widget applications as entertainment, such as sharing a virtual latte with a friend.” Slide is mostly used in the entertainment industry. For example, models, photographers, musicians, videographers use slide as resource to post promotional materials. This application allows you to have lists in two categories: fans and friends. When you create something your fans and friends are notified, however you are only notified if your friend creates something, not your fan. If you’re a corporate business, use slide for an advertising purpose. Large corporations who participate with Slide include: McDonalds, Paramount Pictures, and AT&T Wireless. In conclusion, if your company wants to entertain your target audience as its marketing purpose then Slide is the tool for you.

Let’s move forward to SmugMug, which is a tool that targets professional photographers who can have access to features such as: “watermarketing, selling downloads prints, gifts, and creating galleries for photos.” In addition, you can use your own domain names to create your own photosharing site. There are three levels of memberships you can choose from. The basic, provides users with a custom website and address, the upgraded account offers customization of site and design layout. The highest level allows users to remove SmugMug from the address to create a more enhance experience for their target audience. If you are looking for features such as: watermarking, selling downloads, prints and gift products, and create photo galleries then this application is for you.

Our last photo-sharing tool is Zoomr, which is a start-up photo-sharing tool that has a GeoTagging feature. Zoomr is different from your average photo-sharing sites because it has an OpenID multilogin capability. This unique GeoTagging feature allows users to find-location specific information, location-based news, websites and other geographical identifiers. Another benefit of this photo-sharing site is that it has unlimited amount of uploads and people tags so others can see themselves in images. If you’re looking for a way to share photos in a interactive manner Zoomr is the tool you should use. Now if you ever look at pictures and wonder where people had taken them, then the Geotagging feature allows you to find the location of your pictures. This tool allows your pictures to be informational, with features such as PeopleTags, Notes, and GeoTags.

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